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netflix in europeI have come across many complaints from the people living in US that when they relocate to any part of Europe, they are unable to stream live from Netflix and there is no similar service or anything that can match Netflix in Europe. Sites which allow live streaming and gives huge collection of movies and TV shows just don’t exist.  Apparently they’re still stuck in the renaissance – actually rending videos and dvd’s from local shops. This is a very common problem and the reason behind it is that Netflix doesn’t allow any user from outside the US to use its services.

What happens when Netflix is accessed from Europe?

When a user tries to watch Netflix in Europe, the server of Netflix located in US immediately identify that Netflix is being accessed from Europe. It is because of the IP address which is generated due to the location from where the user is accessing Netflix. Servers find out that the IP address is not from the US and doesn’t let the user watch Netflix in Europe.

change ip addressHow do you trick Netflix?

Netflix can be tricked/deceived/talked into letting you watch movies and TV shows. The problem will be solved if you use an IP address which from the US. Netflix can only check your location by checking which IP address is being used. When Netflix identifies that the IP address belongs to the US, it automatically allows streaming of anything in it’s content library.

Getting a US IP address

You can get an American IP address from a VPN. VPN stands for a virtual private network. A VPN creates a virtual and temporary IP address for you based on the location of the VPN server (in the USA in this case). It’s the US IP from the VPN that gives you the permission to access Netflix. You’ll find many VPNs available online.  There’s not hardware involved, so signing up is quick – much like any other membership site. You just have to choose a VPN which has its servers in US.

movies online netflix europeYou can get subscriptions from a VPN by paying a very little – about in 10 USD. After getting a subscription from a VPN, it will give you instructions and account details. You will setup your device like a laptop, desktop, IPhone or Apple TV according to the instructions given to you by the VPN (each company will vary slightly in setup) and after setting up with the VPN, you can establish a connection with your Netflix account. After using a VPN, Netflix will easily allow you to use Netflix without any problem and there will be no interruption, allowing you to watch Netflix in Europe.

One issue you may run into when first starting using a VPN service to watch Netflix in Europe is that you’ll be denied access even while connected to the VPN.  Some of your IP data may be stored in your browser cache and cookies.  Just clear out the data for Netflix, and it’ll be like your first time visiting!  Of course next time, just remember that before connecting to Netflix, you must be connected to your VPN and you can watch Netflix in Europe.

Here are the three VPN services I can recommend.  There are lots out there, but it can be overwhelming doing all the research yourself.


12vpn netflix in europe12VPN is a great service for Newbies.  Installation of their VPN takes less than two minutes, and it’s all automatic. 12VPN is specifically great for Netflix because you only need the US IP address to watch Netflix in Europe, they’ve got a great package with 10 US IP addresses to choose from.  There’s also a world package available, but you won’t make much use of those servers in Hong Kong, Japan, or Holland.  The US IP only service is available for $79 bucks, which is a steal ($6.5 / month) because some VPN services charge way more than that.  Aside from that free server switching, a friendly customer service team, and the widest range of VPN protocols (different types of VPNs should be used for different phones, computers, or operating systems), makes 12VPN a very smart choice.


hidemyass netflix in europeHide My Ass is another popular VPN because it provides a very well rounded service.  For the same price as the 12VPN US only service, you get servers in 30 countries and thousands of IP addresses.  You of course won’t use all of them, but it’s kind of cool to have. VPN are used for a variety of things these days, and there are reasons to have so many servers and IP’s available which you don’t need to worry about.  What does concern you is that there is free server switching between the multiple US server locations available, UK IP addresses (for those that watch BBC iPlayer), multiple VPN protocols available in one a package deal, and a 30 day money back guarantee.  Hide My Ass is a very well rounded service, also providing things like an anonymous proxy browser, and other IP changing/data protection tools.


strongvpn netflix in europeStrongVPN is a name you’ll hear over and over again.  It’s a very strong choice to say the least.  They’ve got tons of VPN packages available, which are specific to each users needs.  Based on location, operating system, internet device (laptop vs smart phone), and length of contract – there’s something for everyone.  You’ll pay a bit extra for their service, but there’s live support, more choice, and well, it’s what you pay for a brand name.  StrongVPN is a mainstream choice that won’t disappoint you.


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