Netflix in Japan

Netflix in JapanYou can’t access Netflix from Japan and this can be bothersome for those individuals traveling from the United States. There are many people who go over to Japan to teach English or to work in various other trades.

They are used to being able to watch American movies online without a problem. If you are in this situation you can’t watch Netflix in Japan simply because according to the restrictions of the site, you need to be located in the United States to reap the benefits of the site.

You can go around these regulations however. You need to get a US IP address from a VPN. There are many people in Japan already using this method to use various US sites. You can unblock American websites with the virtual private network as long as you are supplied with the US IP. You can get sites like Netflix on iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows, and other internet ready technology.

While there are various sites that allow you to watch various titles online, there is no other site that can compare to Netflix. To be able to stream American movies online from this site means that you get the titles in top quality picture and sound. There are no subtitles and the sound is not dubbed. Therefore there are no distractions while watching the movie or television show. In the case that you try to download movies from torrent sites, you will find that the titles aren’t necessarily good quality and there is a lot of advertisement to deal with. Not only that, but it’s possible that they are in other languages that you don’t understand.

NetflixIn the case that you actually live in this country and you want to get an American IP address for this purpose, the VPN is still the solution for you. It doesn’t matter where you are located – you can stream American movies, music and visit various IP restricted sites in such a manner.

There is a cost to having such access and entertainment provided. The price of the VPN depends on the service provider but they generally cost between $6 and $20 per month. The average price is about $10 per month. The charge for Netflix is approximately $8 per month. You should know that this cost is for unlimited entertainment. The website does not restrict the amount of titles that you can watch.

There are instances where the VPN does slow down the internet connection but this can be solved by disconnecting the network once access to the website has been gained. Also, non-English speakers may have difficulty following some of the titles because the movies and television shows are in English.


Top 3 VPN Services for Netflix in Japan



12VPN12VPN stands out with superior customer service and a lot of flexibility with their service. First off, there are two plans from which to choose: Personal at $79/year and Personal World for $119/year. The former offers access to U.S.-based servers while the latter lets you hook into additional servers from the U.K., Canada, Japan, Holland and Germany. Both plans let you adjust the level of data encryption and use port forwarding. You can also have multiple IP addresses, which is great if you want to watch Netflix with a U.S. IP and surf the web with a local one. All this comes with a seven-day money back guarantee.

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StrongVPN ServiceStrongVPN’s reputation is exactly how its name describes it. This is due to the wide range of VPN services the company offers, the fast connection speeds of its servers and its excellent customer support. The basic package also goes for a thrifty $55/year and gives you everything you need to unblock content from your favorite American and British websites. For this price, you also get data encryption for protection from hackers and unlimited data transfer so you can stream and download as much as you want. If you need a little extra, consult StrongVPN’s customer support – they’re available 24 hours/day to assist you.

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Hide My Ass

HMAThe online security, ability to bypass location-based censorship and anonymity that HMA offers for as low as $6.55/month are a real bargain. You also get extraordinarily broad geographic coverage, with 243 servers located in 43 countries around the world. What’s more, HMA’s servers offer fast connection speeds with unlimited bandwith, meaning you can stream your favorite location-restricted content with no buffering delays. HMA’s a great solution for getting all of your favorite content from home while you’re abroad. Moreover, the 30-day money back guarantee ensures that you don’t pay anything unless you’re absolutely satisfied.

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