Netflix in Hong Kong

Netflix in Hong KongIf you want to access Netflix from Hong Kong, you need to get an American IP address from a virtual private network. These networks encrypt your actual computer data that leaves your system when you are using the internet.

The IP address is part of this information and this is what gives away your location. With a US IP VPN, your actual IP is hidden and it makes your location look as if you are in the United States.

Watch Netflix in Hong Kong for Better Entertainment

There are some sites that you can use to stream movies online without having to change the IP address. However, these sites do not compare to Netflix. This American movie streaming site has tens of thousands of titles to choose from. It is a leader in the online entertainment field. Even sites that offer thousands of pirated movies cannot compare. Netflix offers these titles in high quality picture and sound. They are not edited, dubbed or subtitled. This is a site that will not disappear due to copyright infringements because all of the licensing rules have already been taken care of.

Other Sites Available

When you get a US IP address, it is not just Netflix that you can access. You can also unblock American websites such as Hulu, Pandora and Spotify. Hulu is another American video streaming site that has a lot of entertainment to choose from. Pandora and Spotify are American sites that offer great selections of music. There are other sites that you can take full advantage of such as YouTube which tend to block video clips from individuals outside of the United States.

Netflix Outside The USAThe Price for this Entertainment

There is a price for getting such great entertainment with a changed IP address. The cost for the VPN ranges between $6 and $20 per month but the average is about $10 per month. The subscription fee for Netflix per month is $8. Considering what level of entertainment that you receive from this cost, it can be well worth it.

Complications That Might Arise

There are a few complications that might arise in attempting to use the VPN and signing up for Netflix. You need to ensure that you choose the right VPN service provider or else you may not get the speed and bandwidth that is required to stream movies online.

Before signing up for Netflix you need to have the right payment method. Netflix accepts PayPal, an American credit card or gift certificates. The gift certificates can be bought online.

There is a chance that the VPN might slow down your internet connection. In such a case, you can disconnect from the network after accessing the video streaming site.

For those of you that don’t speak English well, there might be some difficulty in understanding some of the titles. These titles are in English without subtitles. On the other hand, they can help to learn the language and can still be beneficial.


Top 3 VPN Services for Netflix in Hong Kong


Hide My Ass

Hide My AssSome VPN providers charge over $15/month for very limited service, but Hide My Ass is popularly priced at only $6.55/month for one year of maximum access. There are 243 servers in 43 countries and no limits on the amount of downloading and streaming you can do. HMA is the most inexpensive way to access your favorite sites, like Netflix and Hulu, from outside the U.S. The only issue is that it’s been blocked in some regions of the world due to its popularity, but HMA’s 30-day money back guarantee ensures that you don’t pay if you can’t use the site.

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12VPN12VPN’s two plans share the following features: military-level data encryption, unlimited data transfer and broad platform support. The only difference is that the Personal plan at $79/year uses only U.S.-based servers and Personal World at $119/year gives you access to additional servers in the U.K., Canada, Japan, Holland and Germany. The main advantages of 12VPN over other providers are their excellent customer support and customizable settings. Data encryption levels and port forwarding are adjustable, and you can watch Netflix on a U.S. IP address and surf the web simultaneously with a local IP. 12VPN also offers a seven-day money back guarantee.

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StrongVPNStrongVPN has the most affordable connection plan around, at only $55/year. It allows you to access servers in the U.S. and the U.K., meaning you can unblock any content coming from either country. Connection speeds are fast, data transfer amount is unlimited and all of your data is encrypted to protect you from hackers. Furthermore, customer support is available 24 hours per day and there’s a seven-day money back guarantee. StrongVPN also has other package and add-on options, so if you need a little bit more than what the basic package provides you can consult their customer support and get the product that fits you best.

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