Netflix in Finland

Netflix in FinlandEven though the popular website has been introduced to some parts of Europe, you still can’t watch Netflix in Finland.

This American video streaming site has over ten thousand titles to choose from ranging from comedy television to horror movies and everything in between. Although technically, with a Finnish IP address, you can’t access Netflix from Finland, the rule doesn’t apply if you get a US IP address with a VPN.

Other Sites Can’t Compete

So why would you want to watch American movies online through Netflix? While there might be other movie websites that have certain titles available, they can’t compete with the most popular streaming site in the US. With so many titles to choose from, there is a huge database that other sites just don’t have. The media on Netflix is all high quality unlike some of the titles available from sites that offer pirated versions.

The Convenience of Netflix

Being able to stream American movies online through Netflix gives you a lot of convenience. It doesn’t matter whether you live there or if you are just traveling through, you have entertainment at your fingertips. You can access this website on your computer, on your mobile devices and on your gaming devices. You no longer have to miss your favorite television shows, you can check out the new ones and you can find movies of many ages. If you are more into educational types of media, there are plenty of documentaries to watch as well.

Netflix TV AppThings You Need to Know First

Before you change your IP address to unblock American websites, there are a few things that you should know. You need to find the appropriate VPN service provider that will give you the speed and bandwidth for streaming videos. Also, you need to be able to pay for the Netflix subscription with either a PayPal account, an American credit card or through gift certificates. The certificates can be purchased online.

The Benefits from Making the Effort

You not only reap the benefits from having Netflix in Finland but you also gain access to Hulu, another video streaming site plus Spotify and Pandora. Any other IP-restricted sites that require an American IP address are also opened up. This is another aspect that you need to consider. There are so many things that you can do online with a US IP address and it really gives you online freedom whenever you want it.


Top 3 VPN Services for Netflix in Finland


Hide My Ass

HMA helps you put the “world” back in World Wide Web, and it does so affordably. With this VPN service, you can bypass location-based content restrictions that deny you access to your favorite content when not in certain websites’ home countries. HMA does this by giving you access to 243 servers in 43 countries for as low as $6.55/month. Connection speeds are fast and data transfer is unlimited, so you can download and stream as much as you want. HMA’s data encryption ensures that this is done securely, and constantly changing IP addresses maintain your anonymity. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

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12VPN has a handful of great features for both its Personal and Personal World plans. Each offers government-level data encryption and unlimited data transfer, and each works with numerous different platforms. Each also allows you simultaneous access from different devices, such as your desktop and your tablet. The main difference is that Personal connects you to only U.S.-based servers, while Personal World gives you access to servers in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Japan, Holland and Germany. Personal also costs $79/year and Personal World $119/year. 12VPN offers sterling customer support and a seven-day, hassle-free, money back guarantee.

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The great thing about this VPN service is the plethora of choices you have with it. StrongVPN offers all sorts of configurations and the setup you choose depends on how you connect to the internet and what you use it for. The basic package at $55/year is the least expensive around and perfectly fine for unblocking Netflix outside the U.S. If you need to constantly change IP addresses or you have special access needs based on your location, a friendly and helpful StrongVPN support team member is available at all hours to help you choose on the ideal setup.

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