Netflix outside the US on PS3

netflix outside the usa on ps3Netflix is the largest online database of movies and TV shows you’ll ever find – and you can stream them instantly to a variety of devices including iPhone, Android, Xbox, Apple TV, PS3, and of course your laptop.  But Netflix is not available outside The USA.

For PS3 ownsers outside The US, especially those in Canada, Australia, and The UK, it a great idea to watch Netflix outside The USA on PS3.  It takes a bit of prep however, so check out below what you’ve got to do.


  1. PS3
  2. Netflix Account
  3. VPN Service
  4. VPN router and/or computer


netflix outside the usa1. PS3

This is self explanatory. Buy one.

2. Netflix account

If you’ve got an American credit card, you’re set. If you don’t, you can use a Paypal account.  If you don’t have payapl, you can get gift certificates online.

4. VPN service

There are many VPN services that can provide you with a US IP address (key to accessing Netflix outside The USA on PS3).  The top three services I recommend are…

—–> Hide My Ass

—–> StrongVPN

—–> 12VPN

All of these provide excellent customer service, have US IP addresses available, money back guarantees, and have fast/reliable VPN connections.

VPN router and/or computer

The PS3 unfortunately, doesn’t have its own VPN client already installed, so to get the VPN to change the IP of your PS3, you need something to connect to the VPN. This could be in the form of a VPN rounter, or a laptop computer. I would suggest the laptop, as a router can be a cumbersome addition to your collection of devices and is not necessary. I think most people own a laptop/desktop nowadays.

Sign up for the VPN service, and install it on your computer.  This will vary for each VPN service, but it pretty self explanatory in most cases.  PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN are all acceptable VPN protocols.

Then set the proxy port of your PS3 to 8080.  This can be a bit confusing for newbiew – you can read more HERE.

Once you get that set up, you’re ready to rock.  Your PS3 is now connecting to the internet through a VPN, and using a US IP address. This means that you can now watch Netflix outside The USA on your PS3.


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