netflix outside the usaThere has been a lot of news surrounding the on demand streaming service Netflix (the original, US version) and Netflix outside the USA. Over the last few years it has proven to be the leader of an exciting new medium for watching movies at home, whether through DVDs mailed in their iconic envelopes or through their online streaming video service.

As analog media gives way to digital more and more people are signing up for their streaming service, but it’s only available for in select countries.

And even if you’re in Central & South America, Canada, the Caribbean, the UK, Ireland, or Scandinavia, the streaming service that Netflix offers is different that Netflix from The USA.  There’s fewer movies, fewer new releases, and an obvious lack of popular American TV shows.  For travelers, Netflix outside The USA may even be in a language you don’t understand.

To access the original, American version of Netflix, you need to have a US IP address on your smartphone, laptop, internet TV, or computer.  To change your IP and bypass Netflix geographic restrictions, you need to connect to a VPN server in The USA.

VPNs are great for non-Americans permanently outside the US, or for American travelers bored at airports, bus stations, or the hotel.  Even if you are bouncing between seven different airports with a VPN you can keep your US IP and watch Netflix continuously. No matter what has happened or what corner of the world you end up in as long as it has an internet connection you can watch every show, or movie you love at any time. In fact, it can be the only good thing about a bad business trip.

netflix instant

One of the greatest benefits of Netflix’s streaming content is the sheer bulk of what they have available. Though there’s plenty of talk about Netflix competitors, and questions raised about how long Netflix can stay on top, as a subscriber of several media streaming sites, I can say that without a doubt has the most movies, for the best price.

They provide not just new releases and cult classics, but television shows as well. Netflix is great for those shows that you never got around to seeing and those that went off the air before you ever got to see the ending.

CasablancaThough Netflix is my fav, there are some other alternatives as well, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO.  Of course Hulu is best for TV fans, and HBO has lots of exclusive content like Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones that you can’t find on any other site.

The bad news is that all of these sites are also restricted to streaming inside the US.

The good news is that with an encrypted US IP from a VPN, you’ll be able to unblock these websites as well.

And Netflix can be used on almost any platform. You can watch it on your computer or internet TV at home. Your iPhone or Android can stream Netflix on your coffee or lunch break. I think it’s relaxing on my iPad at Starbucks. Netflix even offers their streaming service through video game platforms like Xbox Live, PS3, Nintendo DS, and Wii.

Don’t limit yourself by location.  VPN services are easy to install, and cost a few dollars a month.

Compare the top 4 VPN services to stream Netflix outside the USA.  All come with at least a 7 day trial (some longer), so you can give it a try and get your money back if you’re not happy!


Top Two VPN services to watch Netflix outside The USA

hide my ass netflix outside the usa

strongvpn netflix outside the usa




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